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Awards Methodology

By aggregating customer data across seven leading travel experiences websites and millions of customer reviews, we’ll be able to identify, and award, the tour operators who are consistently wowing customers.

In October 2023 we presented the Arival TourReview Spotlight Awards along with Arival for the North American section (Canada, USA and Mexico). In March 2024 we presented the Arival TourReview Spotlight Awards for tour operators from Europe.

The winners emerged as the top-reviewed experiences in their category through an independent and impartial analysis of customer reviews across major online travel and experiences websites, powered by TourReview. By aggregating customer data from various platforms, TourReview identifies the tour operators consistently whose dedication to excellence has shone brightly through the praise and feedback from their customers.

That means the Arival TourReview Spotlight Awards are totally impartial and independent, and solely data-driven—a first-of-its-kind award for the experiences industry.

The operators with the best reviews on the web win. We carefully select the top 10 finalists from each segment and category—a total of 150 nominees.

The aggregate customer review score, or rating, is weighted far greater than the total review count, to reduce the advantage of larger operators, or operators who might get more bookings and reviews because they have been listed on more websites when compared to operators listed on fewer sites.

Google and Tripadvisor reviews are unverified. Reviews from these websites are counted at approximately 89% and 95%, vs. 100% of reviews where only verified customers can post (all other OTAs). This weighting is based on this analysis of the incidence of fake user reviews for Tripadvisor and Google.

Because of the significant differences in review volume and ratings for small and large operators, Arival and TourReview developed three segments based on monthly reviews, during a one-year period:

Product listings with fewer than 250 reviews were excluded only from the nominee list for the awards.

Each award is presented at the company level. TourReview conducted careful analysis using its proprietary AI as well as manual checks to correlate each tour listing to a single tour or attraction company.

Spotlight Awards FAQ

The awards have no applications or nominees submissions. The nominees are based on the TourReview’s independent and impartial software across different online travel platforms.

The winners are determined by the TourReview software, which determines the tour operators that have the best reviews across different platforms. Find out more!

No, the software gathers all the data from the region of the awards.

If you don’t attend to Arival 360 in Orlando, we will make sure you recieve the award and will be notified after the ceremony. Although participating in the event will be a new and exciting experience.

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