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Arival TourReview Spotlight Awards

The Arival TourReview Spotlight Awards have been developed to honour the best tour operators in their industry, acknowledging their customers’ voice and satisfaction, all chosen neutrally with the TourReview software.

2024 European Arival TourReview Spotlight Awards Winners

2024 European Arival TourReview Spotlight Awards

The ceremony was held at Arival 360 Berlin on March 2nd. Thanks to everyone who joined us and we hope you enjoyed it very much!

We took a sample of 500 tour operators with the best reviews on TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide, Expedia, Google, etc. After careful analysis of hard data gathered by the TourReview software and online visitor reviews, Sightseeing Tours was extracted as the most popular tour category of tours. Culinary Tours & Experiences came in second, Adventure Tours and Activities ranked third, Visitor Attractions fourth and finally, Day Tours and Excursions came in fifth place.

2024 European Arival TourReview Spotlight Awards

We are very excited to finally announce the finalists for the 2024 European Arival TourReview Spotlight Awards!

The most highlighted Tour Operators with the best customer experience chosen through an impartial analysis of visitor reviews across major online travel and experiences websites. According to the data gathered from the online reviews, we recognized the tour operators that always go above and beyond for their visitors. The finalists are listed alphabetically.

The winners will be presented during the Arival TourReview Spotlight Awards Ceremony at Arival 360 | Berlin 2 March 2024 and we can’t wait!

Finalists for the 2024 European Arival TourReview Spotlight Awards

2023 North American Arival TourReview Spotlight Awards

Our first award ceremony took place at the Rosen Shingle Creek @Arival Orlando 360 on October 10t, 2023

Thanks to all the crowd that joined us, this is only the beginning!

From captivating sightseeing tours to tantalizing gastronomic journeys and invigorating activities, these contenders represent the peak of travel innovation. Meticulously selected with the TourReview® algorithm these nominees redefine travel brilliance through unwavering dedication. This are our 2023 winners, an example in the industry.

Spotlight Awards FAQ

The awards have no applications or nominees submissions. The nominees are based on the TourReview’s independent and impartial software across different online travel platforms.

The winners are determined by the TourReview software, which determines the tour operators that have the best reviews across different platforms. Find out more!

No, the software gathers all the data from the region of the awards.

If you don’t attend to Arival 360 in Orlando, we will make sure you recieve the award and will be notified after the ceremony. Although participating in the event will be a new and exciting experience.

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