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European Arival TourReview Spotlight Awards

We took a sample of 500 tour operators with the best reviews on TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide, Expedia, Google, etc. After careful analysis of hard data gathered by the TourReview software and online visitor reviews, Sightseeing Tours was extracted as the most popular tour category of tours. Culinary Tours & Experiences came in second, Adventure Tours and Activities ranked third, Visitor Attractions fourth and finally, Day Tours and Excursions came in fifth place.

Sightseeing Tours

Sightseeing tours are focused on visiting historical sites, the most famous landmarks and attractions. Therefore, they are the perfect option for tourists who would like to see a full overview of the city’s or region’s highlights and history. Sightseeing tours are invaluable for travelers, providing immersive experiences and deeper insights into destinations. With expert guides and structured itineraries, these tours offer access to iconic landmarks and hidden gems.

Small Supplier

M&T Lyon Tours

Medium supplier

The Bloody Tour of York

Large supplier

Runner Bean Tours Barcelona

Culinary Tours & Experiences

The best Culinary Tours & Experiences category celebrates the culinary wonders and flavors of diverse destinations. These tours offer an immersive journey through local cuisines, beverages, and gastronomic traditions. Led by expert guides, participants explore bustling markets, hidden eateries, and esteemed restaurants, savoring iconic dishes and regional drinks.

Small Supplier

Wine Tasting in Paris

Medium supplier

Prague City Adventure

Large supplier

Taste of Prague

Adventure Tours & Activities

The category Adventure Tours & Activities holds great significance as it recognizes tour operators who present exceptional and diverse experiences for travelers. These activities encompass a wide range of adventures, from adrenaline-pumping outdoor pursuits to enriching cultural immersions. By showcasing the essence of each destination, these activities allow participants to engage with nature, history, and local traditions in a unique way.

Small Supplier

Sup Ibiza

Medium supplier

Sport Mix

Large supplier

Thames Rockets

Visitor Attractions

Visitor Attractions Tours hold immense significance in enhancing travel experiences by offering captivating explorations of iconic landmarks and points of interest. These tours provide well-structured itineraries led by knowledgeable guides, ensuring visitors to gain valuable insights into the historical, cultural, and natural significance of each attraction.

Small Supplier

Third Man Museum

Medium supplier

Malta Classic Car Collection Museum

Large supplier

Basílica de la Sagrada Familia

Day Tours & Excursions

Day Tours & Excursions enhance travel experiences by offering short, immersive adventures that showcase the best of a destination. These tours cater to time constraints while providing valuable insights and expert guidance. From city sightseeing to outdoor activities, day tours offer a diverse range of options, making them suitable for various interests.

Small Supplier

Kitzel Tours

Medium supplier

The English Bus

Large supplier

Pure Azores

North American Arival TourReview Spotlight Awards 2024

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Spotlight Awards FAQ

The awards have no applications or nominees submissions. The nominees are based on the TourReview’s independent and impartial software across different online travel platforms.

The winners are determined by the TourReview software, which determines the tour operators that have the best reviews across different platforms. Find out more!

No, the software gathers all the data from the region of the awards.

If you don’t attend to Arival 360 in Orlando, we will make sure you recieve the award and will be notified after the ceremony. Although participating in the event will be a new and exciting experience.

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