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Sightseeing tours are invaluable for travelers, providing immersive experiences and deeper insights into destinations. With expert guides and structured itineraries, these tours offer access to iconic landmarks and hidden gems. Beyond enriching cultural understanding and appreciation for local heritage, they also contribute significantly to the local economy by supporting tourism-related businesses. Moreover, sightseeing tours promote responsible travel, encouraging visitors to respect the environment and cultural sites. These tours create cherished memories, leaving a lasting impact on travelers and making them an essential component of any meaningful travel experience.

Small Supplier

SF Excursions

SF Excursions is a 100% local, family-owned and operated tour company based in San Francisco.

Medium Supplier

Adventure Tours in Motion

Not just a tour, an Adventure! Segway & Luxury Vehicle tours of Historic Savannah, Victorian cemeteries, Bonaventure & Laurel Grove!

Large Supplier

Austin Detours

Austin Tour Company – Handcrafted Austin Experiences For Groups 1-1000. Tours, teambuilding, & events. A local company that goes off the tourist route and into the real Austin.


Attractions tours hold immense significance in enhancing travel experiences by offering captivating explorations of iconic landmarks and points of interest. These tours provide well-structured itineraries led by knowledgeable guides, ensuring visitors gain valuable insights into the historical, cultural, and natural significance of each attraction. By immersing travelers in the rich heritage and stories behind these sites, attractions tours foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of the destinations visited. They also offer convenience and accessibility, allowing visitors to maximize their time and make the most of their trip. Ultimately, attractions tours play a pivotal role in creating lasting memories and enriching travel adventures for all who partake in these captivating journeys.

Small Supplier

Capital Prize Gold Mine Tours

A unique tour experience that takes you back in time to the days of the Colorado Gold Rush. Witness firsthand the challenges and victories of the hard-working miners who struck gold in the mountains of Colorado.

Medium Supplier

Safari Zoological Park

Guided tours through the Kansas Zoo Park Caney.

Large Supplier

The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum

The Museum membership program supports our mission to honor the memories of those victims of 9/11 and educate generations to come in an effort to build a brighter future.


Day tours and excursions enhance travel experiences by offering short, immersive adventures that showcase the best of a destination. These tours cater to time constraints while providing valuable insights and expert guidance. From city sightseeing to outdoor activities, day tours offer a diverse range of options, making them suitable for various interests. Convenience is a key advantage, as they eliminate the need for extensive planning. Additionally, day tours grant access to exclusive locations and experiences that may be challenging to arrange independently. Whether for solo travelers or those seeking social connections, these tours enrich journeys with memorable moments and meaningful encounters.

Small Supplier

Beyond Skagway Tours

Offering private tours in Skagway Alaska for 11 years. Their tours will delight guests of all ages, from children playing our scavenger hunt and I spy games to great-grandparents enjoying the scenery and commentary of one of our expertly trained tour guides.

Medium Supplier

Kailani Tours Hawaii

Kailani Tours prides itself on presenting first-class service with guides motivated to meet the highest of guest expectations. All of our guides hold a certification from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and are CPR/First-Aid certified.

Large Supplier

Royal Star Hawaii Deluxe Tours

The Stars of Paradise family of companies began over 65 years ago as a single Pearl Harbor cruise operatorThe company has since grown in scope, expanding with its catering, transportation, shows, photography and off-site entertainment companies


The best foods, drinks & gastronomic tours category celebrates the culinary wonders and flavors of diverse destinations. These tours offer an immersive journey through local cuisines, beverages, and gastronomic traditions. Led by expert guides, participants explore bustling markets, hidden eateries, and esteemed restaurants, savoring iconic dishes and regional drinks. Beyond the delectable flavors, these tours promote cross-cultural understanding, allowing travelers to engage with local chefs and artisans. The category recognizes tour operators’ dedication in curating exceptional culinary experiences that leave a lasting impact on travelers’ senses, creating cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for the world’s diverse gastronomic heritage.

Small Supplier

Taste San Diego Food Tours

Experience the culture and cuisine throughout san diego. Immerse yourself in the rich history of neighborhoods such as Little Italy, the Gaslamp District and Old Town San Diego. Enjoy the excitement of downtown with a Dine Around or Progressive Dinner, and even mingle with the locals at North Park.

Medium Supplier

Key West Food Tours

Key West Food Tours was founded in 2014 to offer visitors of Key West a taste of authentic local culinary experiences while providing historical anecdotes, because, let’s face it, food tastes better when there’s a story behind it!

Large Supplier

Vallarta Food Tours

Vallarta Food Tour’s mission is to help visitors and residents alike enjoy the best that Vallarta has to offer by highlighting off-the-beaten-path, “non-touristy” food and drinks along with a local insight of its treasures. 


This category holds great significance as it recognizes tour operators who curate exceptional and diverse experiences for travelers. These activities encompass a wide range of adventures, from adrenaline-pumping outdoor pursuits to enriching cultural immersions. By showcasing the essence of each destination, these activities allow participants to engage with nature, history, and local traditions in a meaningful way. Whether it’s hiking through scenic landscapes, embarking on wildlife safaris, or participating in interactive workshops, the best activities offer a perfect blend of excitement and edification. This category celebrates the innovation and dedication of tour operators, providing unforgettable experiences that leave lasting impressions and cherished memories for travelers.

Small Supplier

Laguna Adventures Bacalar

A Mexican enterprise with origins in Bacalar, Quintana Roo. Laguna offers attractive tours of diverse natural spots around the Lagoon of Seven Colors to get to know its flora and fauna and to promote its preservation as well.

Medium Supplier

Kanab Tour Company

Taking a day tour with Kanab Tour Company means spending a day or an afternoon with your friends or loved ones that’s jam-packed with fun, thrills and adventure. It means hiking through stunning National Parks, indulging in jaw-dropping views, making new friends and even pushing yourself to achieve goals.

Large Supplier

Charleston Outdoor Adventures

With COA, you can expect an unforgettable Lowcountry experience. Operating out of Folly Creek, their trips take place in natural, scenic areas not impacted by industrial tourism or development.

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The awards have no applications or nominees submissions. The nominees are based on the TourReview’s independent and impartial software across different online travel platforms.

The winners are determinated by the TourReview software, which determined the tour operators that have the best reviews across different platforms.

No, the software gathers all the data from the region of the awards.

If you don’t attend to Arival 360 in Orlando, we will make sure you recieve the award and will be notified after the ceremony. Although participating in the event will be a new and exciting experience.

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