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Culinary Tours & Experiences
Culinary Tours & Experiences
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After a careful analysis of data, Culinary Tours and Experiences came in second as one of the most popular tour categories based on online customer reviews. As the name says, these kinds of tours are more focused on the gastronomy of the destination, therefore only showing a specific area of their culture. Nevertheless, these are experiences that allow visitors to fully embrace and live this part of the culture, by tasting the local traditional food and drink

The best Culinary Tours and Experiences Category celebrates the gastronomic wonders and flavors of diverse destinations. These tours offer an immersive journey through local cuisines, beverages, and gastronomic traditions. Led by expert guides, participants explore bustling markets, hidden eateries, and esteemed restaurants, savoring iconic dishes and regional drinks. Beyond the delectable flavors, these tours promote cross-cultural understanding, allowing travelers to engage with local chefs and artisans. The category recognizes the tour operators’ dedication in curating exceptional culinary experiences that leave a lasting impact on travelers’ senses, creating cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for the world’s diverse gastronomic heritage.

We took a sample of 500 tour operators with the best reviews on TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide, Expedia, Google, etc. According to hard data gathered by the TourReview software and online visitor reviews, the second most popular tour category is Culinary tours and Experiences. 

Culinary Tours focused on the tasting of local gastronomy.
Culinary Tours focused on the tasting of local gastronomy.

During the 2024 European Arival TourReview Spotlight Awards that were held during Arival 360 Berlin, we highlighted the Tour Operators with the best customer experience quality according to online reviews. So, our winners display the ultimate characteristics to be a top choice for possible visitors. Our winners in each segment of the category Culinary Tours and Experiences were:

  • Small supplier: Wine Tasting in Paris

  • Medium supplier: Prague City Adventures

  • Large supplier: Taste of Prague

These were the ultimate champions of Culinary Tours and Experiences, they won against nine other finalists of each segment in this category. Nevertheless, the analysis gathered from these Tour Operator’s reviews allowed us to shed light into their most powerful positive keywords. So, these were our findings for the best qualities that made them winners.

  • Informative experience
  • Amazing and knowledgeable guide
  • Skilled sommelier
  • The bread was fresh and delicious
  • Very comfortable and relaxed setting
  • The amount of cheese was good
  • Great combination of food, culture, history and drinks
  • A lot of food and personalized tour
  • True authentic local chocolate
  • Experience above and beyond the price
  • Incredible host
  • Very friendly and pleasant guide
  • Guide was hilarious
  • Good selection of local dishes


Even though Culinary Tours and Experiences are focused on showing local food and drink, going the extra mile and explaining a lot of historical contexts and facts about the food and the places around will definitely give you an added value worth positive reviews. Part of offering a comfortable experience is making sure the setting is good and the food is fresh, as well as having a friendly expert guiding it.

This data has been collected with AI and BI integrated technologies that provide different kinds of analysis for tour operators, from sentiment to time and tour analysis. The TourReview software specializes in the centralization of online reviews to help improve the quality of customer experience and promote a better online reputation.

Cooking classes of local food and drink as culinary tours and experiences.
Cooking classes of local food and drink as culinary tours and experiences.

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