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Change through feedback: how to profit from online reviews as a tour operator

Change through feedback
Change through feedback
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Feedback and reviews, they tell you the most important data for your business. They show you the most important KPI, the customer’s voice. Feedback shouldn’t be taken personally, it is just a comment on the client’s experience that could help you grow, hence the importance of online reviews. Based on their opinions about what they lived during the tours and activities, you can improve and get better reviews by providing better service.

How feedback affects customer experience

Change is inevitable, everything is always in constant evolution, growing and improving. It starts with small changes, tiny tweaks here and there that together turn into crucial developments. So, in tours and activities businesses it works the same.

Taking into account your most important KPI -the customer’s voice- and implementing it to create a higher quality experience for new clients. It functions as a constant adaptation through feedback from clients to other future visitors. In the process, it shows you to be a Tour Operator that listens and cares for its travelers opinion and experience.

The chance to change an improve through feedback
The chance to change an improve through feedback.

The steps to implement feedback and grow your travel business

Before you can start changing, you need to be open to listen to constructive criticism and not take it personally, but as a chance to grow. It is very important to keep in mind that changes are a matter of experimentation too, sometimes they will be successful and sometimes they will not, but it is not a reason to quit trying. Here is a guide to begin reforming through the feedback customers leave in reviews.

  1. Analyze comments

    • Try to understand the situation they are describing and really empathize with the person giving the comment. Whether it is a positive or negative review, it is important to read what visitors liked and what they did not. 
  1. Analyze current situation 

    • Take a deep look into the current situation of your tours and activities business and impartially judge everything good about it and all that could use a little improvement
  2. Start changing

    • Start with small things that will eventually accumulate to be bigger changes. Maybe begin with the things you do not need to pay for and with time, continue to convert to a higher quality other aspects that may implicate a financial investment. 

Consequently, improvement leads to more visitors and those increase the chances for reviews, specifically positive reviews. The more platforms you sell your tours on, the better chances you have for bookings and the more time consuming it gets to manage all profiles and reviews.

So, TourReview offers the solution. A software that centralizes reviews from OTA’s like TripAdvisor, Expedia, Viator, etc. in one single dashboard where you can manage and respond promptly to every comment. Additionally, it provides a deep analysis into sentiment, time periods and productivity of each tour through an AI and BI integrated program that portrays it into graphic reports.

Improving tours and activities through customers feedback
Improving tours and activities through customers feedback.

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