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Travel AI for Tour Operators

Travel AI for Tour Operators
Travel AI for Tour Operators
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Generative AI has given the world a science fiction-like form of practicality and solutions. It allows for the seamless and accurate simplification of many processes in all kinds of industries. Tours & Attractions businesses use AI to create and optimize descriptions and listings, improve customer service and communications, and streamline online booking operations. Consequently, the customer experience pre-travel is refined with the least effort needed, but in a very efficient way and could lead to positive reviews after the tour. 

Using AI in the tours and activities industry

Generative AI came to the world to revolutionize the use of technology in different industries, but also in daily life. From customers to suppliers, the travel industry has been impacted severely with the new developments in AI technologies. According to a study made by PhocusWire, 1 in 3 travelers plan their vacation with AI, 84% of them were satisfied and more than half took the recommendations.

They also discovered that 54% trust GenAI for travel inspiration and planning and 81% would book based on its recommendations. So, nowadays, suppliers like TripAdvisor, Booking and Expedia have developed their own AI based travel advisor on their platform, because they saw many of their members would rather choose a platform for their AI capabilities. 

However miraculous AI for automated tasks may sound or be, it also causes some barriers for the companies supplying it, like finding qualified personnel to use the tools or the incredibly real fake reviews they can generate. The latter can have a big negative impact on a business’ online reputation and break the trust they have with clients and prospective customers. But, the only way to fight them is with the same AI, so you use your AI to combat another AI.

Travel AI for Tour Operators automate tasks.
Travel AI for Tour Operators automate tasks.

AI technologies for Tour Operators

One of the best qualities of AI is to make things easier, and so, the tools that work with it grant Tour Operators the liberty of focusing on the improvement of the most important aspect, customer satisfaction and high quality experience, by taking various tasks off their hands. Some of the newly developed AI tools in the market for Tour Operators are:

  • Toby AI
    • Travel Leaders Network and Travel Research Online created a Large Language Models based software to support Travel Advisors by creating custom travel experiences, crafting itineraries, writing clients correspondence, curating engaging social media posts, drafting bios and creating images through DALL-E3.
  • Product Optimization Tool
    • Created by Magpie Travel, focuses on the optimization and rewriting of product description pages and translation if and when necessary through OpenAI’s ChatGPT tech.
  • Tap to Tip
    • The new software by TripAdmit that encourages visitors to provide ratings and reviews by simplifying the process as well as offering a digital payment option for tips without the need for an app or additional hardware.
  • Eola
    • Apart from optimizing and writing taglines, titles and all basic details it issues a customer’s questionnaire and waiver. At the same time, it flags potential problems and optimizes management and operations in the tours and activities sector.
  • Tour Opp Go!
    • From Rocket Rez, it supplies SMS communication, a Guest Experience portal for reviews and reservations and real-time communication telling visitors where they are and what they are doing.
  • Tour Connect
    • It is a Booking Automation Tool and an email add-in that scans emails and creates booking requests from them by pre-filling booking forms. Nevertheless, a human still needs to give it a final check to make sure all the data is correct.
  • ChatGPT workshops for free
    • Guest Focus offers educational courses to learn how to properly and efficiently use ChatGPT with their “Irresistible Tour Description Framework”. They also give their “Irresistible Tour Description Workbook” for free afterwards.

TourReview is an AI and BI integrated software that provides a centralization of online reviews from different platforms, such as TripAdvisor, Viator, Expedia, etc. It focuses on the management and response of reviews, but it also gives a thorough analysis of sentiment and performance of each tour, activity and OTA.

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