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What to offer clients to get better reviews?

What to offer clients to get better reviews
What to offer clients to get better reviews
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Do you have incredible tours and attractions but don’t get any or get few reviews? Do you ask clients to leave reviews but they still rarely do? Sometimes travelers find it tedious to leave reviews because they would rather enjoy their trips than write reviews and when they get home they usually forget. So, how do you get them to actually write you reviews?

When do clients actually leave reviews?

People who travel are there for the views and the activities, which means they want to enjoy their trip and the place they are visiting. That’s why they tend to find it too much work when asked to write a review in the moment and if they take it as homework to do after the trip, it is very likely they will forget or just find it unnecessary.

So, when do they actually leave reviews? When they have a very powerful emotion towards the tour, positive or negative. Since we want positive reviews, we want to create a powerful positive emotion. The advice would be to really go the extra mile in pleasing the customers and delivering a magical experience that they will want to review because they loved the whole experience so much.

Furthermore, it is a great option to plan a calm and small break almost at the end of the tour in which the guide subtly reminds the travelers to write reviews. Since they are just sitting and waiting, they will likely use the time to do it before the tour ends and they forget. Tour guides should also give the travelers direct access to the review site.

Travelers have busy itineraries during their trips, so, sending reminders with the direct link to the review portal after the tour will increase the reservations reviews ratio and get you more feedback for your tours. However, travelers may wait until they get back home to write the reviews, so there is a chance they may not appear to you soon after the tour ends.

Traveler leaving a review for a tour operator
Traveler leaving a review for a tour operator.

How do I make the process of leaving reviews easier for travelers?

To detangle the process of leaving a review as much as possible, the idea would be to create direct access to the portal or website. For example, with a QR that, when scanned, immediately redirects the user to the tab where they can type the review. Said QR should be visible everywhere possible; the office, the meeting point, the bathrooms, the bus or van, etc. Even the guides can have it to pass around for the people to scan and review.

What else can I offer to get travelers to leave reviews?

Another strategy to get travelers to leave reviews is to encourage them by offering something in return, for example, a bottle, a sticker, or a keychain, maybe a discount on a next booking. Why? Because people love to get new things especially when they don’t have to pay for them and if they have children with them, they also love to get gifts. This way, they feel extra appreciated for something they are being asked to do. Keep in mind, it is important to ask for a review not a positive review, since you do not want the travelers feeling like you are buying positive reviews instead of honestly getting them.

TourReview will help you improve your tours by offering different types of analytics on what previously worked based on your clients’ reviews. TourReview allows you to see precisely what travelers loved or what aspects they believe could be better and gather all the information into weekly or monthly reports to later be examined and enhance the tours.

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incentive for travelers leaving reviews
Direct access through a QR for travelers to leave reviews.

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