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How to market your tours on Christmas and get great reviews?

christmas marketing for tours get great reviews
How to market your tours on Christmas and get great reviews?
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The magic of Christmas is probably the best marketing season for any kind of business. In tourism, Christmas means making travelers feel part of a family and feel the cozy magic of this time of the year even while being away from home. Therefore, using all the seasonal values, like giving, caring, love, family, etc., is the ultimate tool to advertise  your tours and get great reviews. But how can you use them? Here are some ideas.


Offer special deals to get great reviews on Christmas


Offering special deals can attract a lot of people to buy trips. Around Christmas time, group deals for the whole family could get a lot of families to buy excursions. However, another kind of good hook for prospective travelers is setting special prices for the season or creating packages that include many activities into one special Chrirstmas price. 


You can also offer a surprise. Whether it’s a small present, a special activity, a special meal or any other extra detail you can organize, sell it as a special Christmas surprise to attract your clientele. This is the kind of attitude that tourists love around the holiday season, surprises and lots of yuletide magic. 


Focus on holiday activities 


On the Christmas vacations, the family gathers and it is customary to do different seasonal activities together. Focusing on the holiday spirit, presenting the clients with special christmas experiences for a limited time, could increase the number of sales. Nevertheless, it is very important to really embrace the yuletide essence and transmit it to the clients.


What kind of holiday-like experiences? Even if your city is not anywhere near snow, you could let tourists experience some of the local Christmas traditions in the form of workshops and family activities. This way, you will also be focusing on making this time of the year extra magical for families away from home.

christmas activities for tours
Christmas activities for tours.

Provide special child oriented christmas activities


The happiest season of the year is one where families tend to travel together, which means kids will come along. During a vacation, giving parents a little break while getting the children to be entertained doing something, is a big plus for family travel. So, offering child oriented activities where kids can learn and have fun, play and be safe, will go a long way for parents booking a Christmas trip.


With all this, how do you get the great Christmas reviews?


Be Christmas, fully embrace the seasonal spirit, values, colors, smells, everything. Go above and beyond to give tourists the best possible Christmas experience on such a magical time of the year and really share what this holiday means for locals and how it is celebrated. Usually, this season makes people feel very giving, so if you make them feel extra loved and special, they will most likely help you with a great review.


TourReview will help you prepare for the next holiday season, offering different types of analytics on what previously worked  based on your clients’ reviews. TourReview allows you to see exactly what travelers loved or what aspects they believe could  improve. Therefore you can get an idea on what kind of packages would boost your sales during the holiday season.


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christmas tour review
Christmas marketing for tours.

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