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Special holiday tours and how to make the best out of the season

special offers holiday tours
Special offers for the holiday tours.
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Christmas is coming to town and all the companies and businesses are getting ready, new marketing strategies, new products, special offers, everything holiday related. So how can you create a great holiday strategy for your tourism business? Here are a few ideas to make the best out of the season.

Christmas sales and discounts to make the best out of the season

Offering discounts is probably the oldest trick in the book, however when done properly and focused, can be very effective. For example, the Christmas season brings out the family values and the togetherness in people, which is why during this time, group travel is most likely to be the chosen type of vacation. This means that sales and discounts focused on group trips and children traveling are in all likelihood to be very successful.

On the other hand, offering discounts for specific activities or experiences that are perhaps more Christmas related could also be great for sales numbers, since wrapping 2023 is providing pre pandemic travel numbers or even better ones (Brinza, 2023). Same goes for offering Christmas packs with various activities and tours, not necessarily holiday related.

special offers and discounts on the holidays
Special offers and discounts on the holidays for tours.

Special holiday themed tours

The traditional Christmas travel activities would be skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding, snowman competitions or anything snow related. However, far from having to focus on the snowy side of Christmas, there are other activities within the yuletide spirit that could be very attractive for tourists. From the simplest Christmas decorations workshops to a gastronomical activity for the food enthusiasts, to more local traditions as experiences.

Partnerships to make the best out of the Christmas season 

A good partnership strategy can go a long way when it comes to marketing, exposure and even sales. For the holiday season, a precise and well analyzed partnership could be the Christmas miracle everyone was waiting for. From local snack companies to clothing companies or others, they each can bring an interesting twist to the holiday product offer. Special T-shirts for the tour, snacks included, etc. For instance, giving T-shirts with a picture of the tour at the end or only with the family name.

Strategic partnerships for holiday tours and special offers
Strategic partnerships for holiday tours.

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