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Day Tours & Excursions
Day Tours & Excursions
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Day tours
Day tours

Day Tours & Excursions enhance the travel experience by offering short, immersive adventures that showcase the best of a destination. These tours are designed to accommodate time constraints while providing valuable insights and expert guidance. From city sightseeing to outdoor activities, day tours offer a wide range of options, to suit a variety of interests. Convenience is a key advantage, as they eliminate the need for extensive planning. Additionally, day tours grant access to exclusive locations and experiences that may be difficult or impossible to arrange on your own. Whether for solo travelers or those seeking social connections, these tours enrich travel with memorable moments and meaningful encounters.

We took a sample of 500 tour operators with the best reviews on TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide, Expedia, Google, etc. According to the hard data gathered by the TourReview software and online visitor reviews, Day Tours & Excursions was extracted as the fifth most popular tour category according to the reviews left by travelers on online portals, such as, TripAdvisor. 

  • Small suppliers: Kitzel Tours

  • Medium suppliers: The English Bus

  • Large suppliers: Pure Azores Tours

Day Tours & Excursions
Day Tours & Excursions


These were the ultimate champions of Day Tours & Excursions, beating out nine other finalists from each segment in this category. However, the analysis we gathered from these Tour Operators’ reviews allowed us to shed light on their most powerful positive keywords. These were our findings for the best qualities that made them winners:

  • Learned a lot
  • Itinerary planned in order
  • Never felt rushed
  • Professional and knowledgeable guide
  • Learned a lot about history, food and culture of the city
  • Perfect mix of guided tour and free time
  • Very comfortable vehicle
  • Really interesting info
  • Small groups tours
  • Accommodating guide
  • I felt like a local after the tour
  • Heard so many facts and legends
  • The guide took the best pictures of us
  • Friendly guide

Curious facts and interesting information can be conveyed more easily and effectively through storytelling, which allows you to make a much deeper connection with the travelers. Therefore, for a much better connection, having smaller groups can make the tour more personalized and attractive. A well-organized itinerary will allow visitors to enjoy each attraction without feeling rushed and still have some free time to explore. 

Tour guides are the most direct link between tour operators and the visitors, so it is crucial that they provide excellent service, as this will be the first impression of the quality of your customer’s experience and is likely to be the tipping point as to whether or not they will recommend your. Therefore, it is essential for tour operators to train the best possible guides and provide them the best possible tools to improve their service.


This data was collected using TourReview software, which specializes in centralizing online reviews through unbiased AI and BI integrated technologies. It also provides different types of studies for tour operators, such as sentiment analysis of their online reputation.

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