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The Importance
of Online Reviews: How They Influence on Consumers Decisions and Boost Your
Tour Operator

In the digital age, where information is available and ready at the click of a button, online reviews have emerged as a powerful tool shaping consumers decisions across industries. The tourism industry is no exception and has gotten a big influence by these reviews. Today, potential travelers turn into online reviews as a trusted source of information to guide their choices. As a tour operator, understanding the significance of online reviews and harnessing their potential can make all the difference in attracting more customers, building their trust and, ultimately, boosting your business. In this blog, we reach into the impact of the reviews online, on consumer decisions and provide insights on how you can leverage them to elevate your tour operator business.

The influence of Online Reviews on Consumer Behavior

One of the most important aspects a traveler needs to have to proceed with a Tour Operators is to have trust in them. The trust factor is elemental for the potential customer. In order to achieve that, the Tour Operator should be able to show social proof of their services, so the consumer can rely on the experiences of others and validate their decisions. A positive review will act as social proof that the company have been tried, tested, and trusted. It is important that the feedback is transparent, so it enhances credibility, offering potential clients a glimpse into what expect, thereby reducing uncertainty and apprehension.

When planning a trip, or buying any product in general, a customer goes through a decision-making process, starting with the information source, where they’ll search for any businesses to plan their trip or research any recommended and will find their reviews to validate the costumer’s satisfaction, as mentioned before, going beyond marketing materials. Prospective travelers value authentic narratives that help them envision their own experiences. After research, the reviews allow consumers to compare and analyze different tour operators, making informed decisions based on factors such as itinerary, accommodations, guides, and overall satisfaction.

Building Trust and Credibility

When a potential customer is looking for their potential operator, getting a positive first impression is crucial. A strong presence of positive reviews, cultivates a favorable first impression for potential customers, encouraging them to explore offerings further and get more in depth with your services. As we know, there will always be negative comments from customers that may have had any bad experience or that they were not completely satisfied with what they got, it is important that there us a commitment to the customers by responding to the negative reviews in a quick way and that they rely on the traveler’s satisfaction, and they rectify any shortcomings.

By having trust from the customers, you are not only gaining new potential customers, but fostering long-term relationships from the travelers that already went through the experience and they know that they will get the experience they invested in. Loyalty can extend to referrals, effectively expanding the customer base.

Online Reviews and Search Engine Visibility

For Search engines, the User-Generated Content is one of the most valuable aspects of a company’s reputation since it is not made by the company itself. Positive reviews can contribute to a higher search ranking, making the tours more discoverable. The Search engine will also display the star ranking, and higher-ranking results catch the eye and entice users to click through your website, increasing the Click Through Rates and making it more relevant and reliable within specific locations, impacting also in local SEO. For local SEO, it is important to maintain an updated Google My Business profile with reviews and ratings, that help potential customers find essential information quickly.

Strategies to Leverage Online Reviews Effectively

To gain the potential customers trust, it is important that they see the reviews online and the operator is the one in charge to actively encourage reviews. One way to encourage them are by post-trip emails, sending personalized follow-up emails to customers after their tours or trips, expressing gratitude for choosing them and kindly asking for a review. There is another way to motivate a traveler that is with offers of small incentives, such as discounts on future bookings or exclusive content.

When encouraging travelers to leave reviews, having different platforms and social media to do so will expand your online presence, become more reliable and trustworthy. Although it may seem like a bigger effort to keep track of all the reviews, luckily TourReview® helps Tour Operators to consolidate all their reviews online from different platforms, respond to them and keep track of the satisfaction overall (and by filtering in many ways too). Don’t forget to respond them thoughtfully, addressing ALL the reviews even if they are positive or negative, in a professional and empathetic manner. The responses will reflect your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Another way to showcase reviews, is by display some selected glowing reviews, emphasizing aspects that resonate with your target audience. Incorporate visually appealing graphics, featuring positive quotes from reviews across marketing materials in web, social media, etc.

Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

Consistently monitoring reviews will help to respond promptly to the feedback and engage with the customers and showing that the company cares about their happiness or any discomfort they may have. To keep track of live reviews, TourReview® manager will help to gather all the information, data and to respond. With the manager, you will analyze any trends, identifying any recurring themes in reviews, to pinpoint areas of improvement and innovation.

Negative reviews must be used as constructive criticism, to improve and refine offerings to elevate customers experiences. When addressing negative feedback, it is important to showcase improvements by communicating them and demonstrating your commitment to their satisfaction.


In the digital landscape, within its progressive evolution, online reviews are a cornerstone of modern consumer decision-making. As a tour operator, recognizing the influence of online reviews and implementing strategic approaches to harness their potential, will significantly enhance your business. By enhancing credibility, building trust, optimizing, and responding the reviews, you not only attract new customers, but foster loyalty within your existing clients. Embrace the power of online reviews as a driving force in boosting your tour operator business and ensuring its success in the dynamic tourism industry with TourReview®, see in real time what are the customers saying, analyze patterns and solution any problems. All in one easy-to-use panel.

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