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How to Filter and Customize the Reports

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Stop struggling with information overload and start harnessing the power of dashboard filters! This blog will equip you with the skills to unlock hidden insights, make informed decisions, and transform your dashboards into valuable tools for success.

One of the biggest asset that the TourReview Manager provides, is the power of filters. This filters can be applied in all the dashboard and help getting more insights.

It’s easier than you think. In the dashboard page, there are this boxes in the top right corner of every graphic, just select te desired filter, choose the factor and it’ll change automatically.

There is also the possibility of downloading the report clicking on the button!

How to filter and customize reports

Remember, there is also the possibility to parametrize the filters according to your needs, just write us to the email and we’ll work on it.

Need more support? Write us in the Contact Us section, our team will reply as soon as possible.

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