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How to Schedule and Download Reports

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Tired of data chaos? Tame the information beast with scheduling and downloading reports!

Drowning in a sea of reports? Feeling overwhelmed by endless data streams? You’re not alone. But fear not, fellow information warriors! The key to harnessing the power of your reports lies in scheduling and downloading them effectively.

This blog is your ultimate guide to turning data chaos into actionable insights. We’ll dive deep into the how-to of report scheduling and downloading, across various platforms and applications. Keep reading below.

Let’s get to it, the first step is to get into your “Reports” tab.

How to download reports

Second step is to go into “Add emails”, this will let you add anyone you want to receive the reports. When creating the reports you’ll be able to select specifically who, but now you are creating the list of recipients.

In that tab you can also edit the current recipients list.

How to download reports

For the final step, you have to go back into the Reports tab, and select “Create Schedule”, it will open a form to schedule the report, with the following information:

  • Name of the report.
  • Emails: recipients of that specific report.
  • Search factor: what information will the report will contain.
  • Format: the format to download the report, it can be for Excel or in PDF.
  • Data Range Report: What time frame will the report be.
Then select when it will arrive, for day and time.
How to download reports

That’s it! Now the reports will arrived in the scheduled day and hour.


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