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How to Upload Tours your TourReview Account

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The TourReview Report Dashboard aggregates data about the online reviews from tours posted in different OTA’s. With the reviews’ data a tour operator can analyze the level of customer satisfacition, different graphics to understand them and the best part, respond to them directly from the platform.

This is how to upload the tours to the TourReview Software

Upload Tours to your Account

First, get into the TourReview account and select the Streams icon in the left menu bar. Then, you’ll see all the platforms from where you can upload your tours.

how to upload tours to the tourreview account

Look for the name of the platform where your tours are located and select “Manage”, there you’ll be able to see all the tours you upload, edit and add new.

The process can be one of two ways for uploading the tours, depending on the platform:

By user

Some platforms, such as AirBnb, Civitatis, GetYourGuide and Klook require a Log In, where you enter the username and password to retrieve the data.

How to upload tours to your tourreview account

By Tours

Expedia, TripAdvisor and Klook requires a upload of each tour. It may sound difficult but don’t worry, it is easy! Just paste the URL of the tour and write its name, see?

how to upload tours to the tourreview account

Either way you upload the tours, you’ll receive a notification in your dashboard that your tour has been uploaded correctly or if we’ve found a problem and there is a need to fix it. 

It’ll take a minute to upload and show the notification!

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