Which influencers to use and which videos to shoot to master TikTok as a tour operator and maximize reach and engagement?

Content ideas and influencers for TikTok strategy for tour operators
Content ideas and influencers for TikTok strategy for tour operators
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Photography and videography are two of the most important tools to improve your social media presence and increase the engagement you have with your audience. That’s why TikTok, as a video platform, has become one of the most popular search engines and social media platforms for today’s youth. To target them, Gen Z and Millennials, it is essential to have an active, interesting and visually aesthetic profile. Here’s a basic guide on how to enhance your content for better results and maximize reach and engagement.

TikTok content for tour operators
TikTok content for tour operators

TikTok travel influencers 

Using TikTok travel influencers to maximize engagement and reach can be a great strategy to get a message out to a much wider audience. This will increase your chances of more bookings and sales through the excitement and admiration created around what you show on videos. Influencers will allow you to reach beyond your own followers or what the algorithm allows. Here are a few influencers with good engagement to consider.

  • ⁠@wilderness_addict: Known for captivating travel videos showcasing exotic destinations and cultural experiences.
  • @alexojeda: Features adrenaline-pumping adventure tours, especially water parks and activities.
  • @riotravelers: Offers travel inspiration with dreamy destinations and couple-friendly activities.
  • @topflightfamily: Highlights family-friendly travels and tips for parents exploring the world with kids.
  • @quingable: Shares her life in a van traveling around with her cat and dog, visiting interesting and beautiful places for adventurous souls.
  • @juliiathompson: The prettiest highlights of places and adventures to discover the world.
  • @jordentually: The most captivating and humorous insights of traveling and fun activities to try out.
  • @theglobewanderers: They show beautiful romantic spots and exotic places with couple travel inspiration.
  • @alexpreview: Aesthetic videos showing the beauty of diverse destinations.
  • @laxtoluxury: Focused on luxury travel with tips for traveling more comfortably.
TikTok for Tour Operators
TikTok for Tour Operators

TikTok video ideas for tour operators

Creating constant content can be difficult, so using the sounds and music that are currently trending on the app will help you develop trendy content adapted to your tour operator business to better engage with your audience. However, coming up with innovative ideas is a complex task, so here are some ideas that may help.

1.⁠ ⁠Destination Highlights:

Showcase a destination’s most stunning and iconic attractions  in a visually stunning video montage, accompanied by upbeat music and engaging captions.

2.Behind-the-Scenes Tour:

Take viewers behind the scenes of your tours, giving them a glimpse into the preparation process, interactions with locals, and unique experiences that await them.

3.Travel Tips and Hacks:

Share valuable travel tips, packing hacks, and insider advice to help viewers plan their trips more efficiently and get the most out of their travel experiences.

4.User-Generated Content:

Feature user-generated content from satisfied customers who have taken your tours and share their testimonials, photos, and videos of their adventures.

5.Interactive Q&A Sessions:

Host live or recorded Q&A sessions where you can answer common questions about your tours, provide destination recommendations, and engage directly with your audience.

6.Virtual Tours:

Offer virtual tours of popular destinations or attractions, providing immersive experiences through 360-degree video, drone footage, or interactive maps.

7.Local Cuisine Explorations:

Take viewers on a culinary journey to discover  a destination’s delicious local cuisine, showcasing street food vendors, traditional dishes, and must-try delicacies.

8.Adventure Challenges:

Challenge viewers to participate in adventurous challenges related to your tours, such as hiking trails, water sports, or cultural scavenger hunts, and encourage them to share their experiences.

9.Travel Vlogs:

Create engaging travel vlogs documenting your own adventures as a tour operator, sharing personal anecdotes, highlights, and insights from your travels.

10.Destination Comparison:

Compare and contrast different destinations or tour packages, highlighting their unique features, attractions, and experiences to help viewers choose their next travel destination.

Content creation is a whole discipline in its own right, but for smaller tour operators it is not a budget-friendly task. Hence, our basic guide to mastering TikTok and maximizing reach and engagement. Remember the importance of social media today as a communication and marketing channel to widen your net for potential customers. 

Tourism on TikTok
Tourism on TikTok

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