Social media for tour operators: the 5 ultimate step guide

social media for tour operators

In the post pandemic world, online presence is the first impression possible clients get of your tour operator business. A good, consistent and quality presence can get you awareness and consideration through social media channels, as well as trust to buy your tours. Post tour, it can help you grow your positive user reviews, social […]

Japan, the new top destination for 2024

Japan the new top destination for 2024

Japan is a country known for its very rich culture, incredibly stunning architecture and delicious food. According to Skyscanner, it is also one of the fastest growing destinations for 2024 with an increase in search of over +200%. Nevertheless, there are three cities that stood out the most, Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto, all within the […]

Become a sustainable Tour Operator in 2024

become a sustainable tour operator 2024

Being a sustainable Tour Operator means having a vision and mission oriented to the concern and help of the environment. Today’s travelers are mostly Gen Z and Millennials and these are generational groups that have sustainability as a core value in their daily lives. Hence, the latest trend in sustainable travel. The main points to […]

2024 travel trends to improve your tours this new year

travel trends to improve your tours

2024 will be a year of worldwide caution with the war in Ukraine and in Israel and the several natural disasters that have hit this year like the earthquakes in Morocco and Turkey and the volcano eruption in Iceland. As a result, people may avoid these areas or travel under extreme safety measures. Be that […]

Storytelling to improve your tours

Storytelling as a tool and technique to improve your tours

As interesting as history is, if it is conveyed as only facts, it may not be as engaging for everyone during a tour. This means, you could lose your audience’s attention and end up being just another explanation they got and forgot. If you create an active and powerful tour in which the visitors relate […]

What to offer clients to get better reviews?

What to offer clients to get better reviews

Do you have incredible tours and attractions but don’t get any or get few reviews? Do you ask clients to leave reviews but they still rarely do? Sometimes travelers find it tedious to leave reviews because they would rather enjoy their trips than write reviews and when they get home they usually forget. So, how […]

What do travelers seek during winter trips?

travelers seek during winter trips

Winter trips are as famous and common as they are supposed to be beautiful and amazing. However, the Christmas season can be very demanding and very stressful, hence the need to understand what travelers really seek during winter trips. One of the biggest insights for this time is comfort, as much comfort as humanly possible. […]

Special holiday tours and how to make the best out of the season

special offers holiday tours

Christmas is coming to town and all the companies and businesses are getting ready, new marketing strategies, new products, special offers, everything holiday related. So how can you create a great holiday strategy for your tourism business? Here are a few ideas to make the best out of the season. Christmas sales and discounts to […]

How to market your tours on Christmas and get great reviews?

christmas marketing for tours get great reviews

The magic of Christmas is probably the best marketing season for any kind of business. In tourism, Christmas means making travelers feel part of a family and feel the cozy magic of this time of the year even while being away from home. Therefore, using all the seasonal values, like giving, caring, love, family, etc., […]

Mastering Online Reputation Management: A Guide for Tourism Agencies

Mastering Online Reputation Management: A Guide for Tourism Agencies In a digital world, a tour operator’s online reputation can make or break its success. Travelers rely heavily on online information and reviews, since it’s the information they have beforehand and they show up honest feedback about the service, effective Online Reputation Management (ORM) is essential. […]