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Summer Value-adds for Tour Operators: Maximizing Summer Fun

Summer added values for Tour Operators

Summer is the peak season for travel, and as a tour operator, offering unique and thoughtful value-added services can greatly enhance your customers’ experiences and in turn, your online reviews. Summer trips tend to be longer trips with more complex itineraries, so they are likely to have the most tours booked per tourist. Curating your […]

The 10 cities with the best travel quality in Spain

Top ten travel quality cities in Spain

Spain is one of the most attractive countries for any type of tourism. From gastronomic experiences and wine tasting to hiking and camping, to city tours and tourist attractions or monuments and any other travel trend. Its rich culture allows any traveler to experience a 360° experience embracing all the senses with music, food, architecture, […]

How to use quality photography to boost your tours

use quality photography to boost tours

Photography is the art of expression through the freezing of moments. It can inspire various emotions which makes it a very powerful tool to use. In today’s mostly virtual world, photography plays a huge role. Social media is turning into the biggest source of information and its main hook is the images used. Photographs can […]

How to become the best option for Gen Z travelers

Become the best option for Gen Z travelers

Why cater to Gen Z travelers?  Gen Z or Gen Zers is the new generation of young adults born from 1997 to 2012. This means, they are entering the workforce and haven’t reached their peak income. However, they are also the generation that spent their early twenties in the lockdown of the pandemic, which means […]

Cities with the best travel quality

Cities with the best travel quality

Top 10 Europe cities with the best travel quality Europe is one of the most popular destinations for big trips, nevertheless these were the top 10 cities with the best travel quality in Europe according to online reviews in 2023. The data was gathered through online review portals such as TripAdvisor and Google, we reviewed […]

Social media for tour operators: the 5 ultimate step guide

social media for tour operators

In the post pandemic world, online presence is the first impression possible clients get of your tour operator business. A good, consistent and quality presence can get you awareness and consideration through social media channels, as well as trust to buy your tours. Post tour, it can help you grow your positive user reviews, social […]

Japan, the new top destination for 2024

Japan the new top destination for 2024

Japan is a country known for its very rich culture, incredibly stunning architecture and delicious food. According to Skyscanner, it is also one of the fastest growing destinations for 2024 with an increase in search of over +200%. Nevertheless, there are three cities that stood out the most, Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto, all within the […]

Become a sustainable Tour Operator in 2024

become a sustainable tour operator 2024

Being a sustainable Tour Operator means having a vision and mission oriented to the concern and help of the environment. Today’s travelers are mostly Gen Z and Millennials and these are generational groups that have sustainability as a core value in their daily lives. Hence, the latest trend in sustainable travel. The main points to […]

2024 travel trends to improve your tours this new year

travel trends to improve your tours

2024 will be a year of worldwide caution with the war in Ukraine and in Israel and the several natural disasters that have hit this year like the earthquakes in Morocco and Turkey and the volcano eruption in Iceland. As a result, people may avoid these areas or travel under extreme safety measures. Be that […]

What tour guides need to learn from tour operators

What tour guides need to learn from tour operators

Tours are a service to the travelers which they expect to be interesting and a learning opportunity. For the travelers to be satisfied with them, the tour guides, the bus and the places they visit should be an excellent experience. The one factor tour operators can control and help improve are the tour guides. To […]

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