The top 10 countries with the highest travel quality in Europe

The top 10 countries with the best travel quality in Europe

Europe is a very attractive destination for travelers, whether they are domestic or  inbound tourism, usually because of the rich history and culture of the continent. Europe itself had 11 782 911 reviews in 2023, leaving it a qualification of 4.16. Nevertheless, certain countries had a special spotlight according to the online reviews on platforms […]

Change through feedback: how to profit from online reviews as a tour operator

Change through feedback

Feedback and reviews, they tell you the most important data for your business. They show you the most important KPI, the customer’s voice. Feedback shouldn’t be taken personally, it is just a comment on the client’s experience that could help you grow, hence the importance of online reviews. Based on their opinions about what they […]

Travel AI for Tour Operators

Travel AI for Tour Operators

Generative AI has given the world a science fiction-like form of practicality and solutions. It allows for the seamless and accurate simplification of many processes in all kinds of industries. Tours & Attractions businesses use AI to create and optimize descriptions and listings, improve customer service and communications, and streamline online booking operations. Consequently, the […]

Valentine’s day top destinations worldwide

Valentine's Day top destinations

Valentine’s day is the holiday about romance and friendship, the day you give the people you love a little extra appreciation. The traditional gifts to show them your love tend to be flowers and chocolates, nevertheless, especially in long term couples, big trips or local weekend getaways are also a common present. So, during this […]

Top 10 Destinations for Carnival Season Worldwide

top destinations for carnival season

The origin of carnival is attributed to three different civilizations, the Sumerian people, the Old Rome and the Middle Age. Nevertheless, in today’s version of carnival, the constants throughout the world are color, music, dance, creative masks, originality and satire. In the Middle Age, it was about letting go of inhibition before Lent, in the […]