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Offer the perfect added values for your tours on Valentine’s day

Offer the perfect added values for your tours on valentines day
Offer the perfect added values for your tours on Valentine's day
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14th of February, Valentine’s day, the day of love. According to an article last updated in 2023 of The New York Times, the origin of Valentine’s day is quite the mystery, nevertheless, there are several theories on how it came to be. The most popular one is that it originated from the roman wine-fueled fertility rite, Lupercalia. It was celebrated in the middle of February and eventually, as the Roman Empire faded into Christianism, it became less nude and drunken and transformed into a way to honor St. Valentine.

Nowadays it is a celebration of love, whether it is in a romantic couple, as friends or even self love. Hence, the reason for gifts; from the classic red roses and chocolates to big trips and weekend getaways. This makes it one of the best marketing opportunities of the year. However, there is no need to completely modify your tours or even add new ones, as long as you offer precise added values to attract the romantic clientele.

Valentine's Day for your tours
Valentine’s Day for your tours

Why use Valentine’s day as a marketing opportunity for your tours? 

Many people won’t think it necessary to consider this yearly celebration as important enough to theme your tours like it, but in reality, it could be the perfect moment to market your tours for couples or solo travelers. Valentine’s day isn’t just about the couples anymore, which is why also marketing towards solo travelers is very important. Self-love is one of the constantly booming trends among the younger generations and it is being translated into a reason for traveling, too. So, taking advantage of the day of love could shoot up your sales.

Sunset picnic during tours
Sunset picnic during tours

Ideas for added values to consider for your tours

Added values don’t have to be expensive or difficult to arrange. They should be focused on designing a magical experience for people to enjoy by themselves or with their significant other. These extra details for visitors may increase the chances of getting positive reviews on OTA’s for your tours. Here are some ideas of easy added values to build on your tours:

  • Instead of offering lunch, offer a picnic to make things a bit more romantic and special.
  • Give small gifts, like Valentine’s cookies, brownies, candy, etc.
  • Provide discounts for solo travelers and special packages for couples.
  • Organize team activities so couples can enjoy working together.
  • Create moments of self reflection and healing.
  • Make a romantic environment with music, activities and decorations.
  • Schedule your tours to match the sunset time and have a magical moment.
  • Hire a photographer to capture cute moments during the tour and sell/give those photographs to the visitors.
  • Gather all solo travelers so they can meet each other and make new friends, maybe even find their special other.


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couples photograph for Valentine's Day during tours
Couples photograph for Valentine’s Day during tours

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