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The negative keywords list that Tour Operators usually get in online reviews

Negative Keywords list for Tour Operators
Negative Keywords list for Tour Operators
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Negative keywords are generated through negative online reviews, and analyzed and filtered through the TourReviews’ AI and BI integrated software that sorts sentiment in these. So, they indicate aspects and points of concern and improvement in each tour according to the most important KPI, the customer’s voice. This is an opportunity to enhance and refine your customer’s experience and satisfaction to improve your online reputation to increase chances at more bookings and sales.

Negative keywords list from online reviews 

Through the TourReview software, that provides a sentiment analysis of online reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor, we were able to extract the most common negative keywords list. The purpose of it is mainly for tour operators to analyze these aspects and improve those areas of their tours to avoid getting these negative keywords on their online reputation.

However, it is important to establish first, that getting negative reviews is not the end of the world. Nevertheless, they are the most important KPI, the customer’s voice, so tour operators can pay attention and refine their customer experience quality and so, have a better online reputation and increase the chances at possible bookings from new visitors.

Remember to firstly analyze the situation your tour operating business finds itself in, that way you will know especially which of the previous aspects you need to pay attention to and improve more urgently than others. If you already know that certain aspects have also been mentioned in your negative reviews, focus primarily on refining those.

Some may say, “why fix what is not broken?”, however, in reality there is always room for improvement and always the possibility to grow, expand and attract more visitors. So, even if you already have great guides, try to find new tools for them to create more captivating tours. Hence, we divided the most common positive aspects of each category of tours, to help tour operators gain a more insightful view of the possible refining areas.

Sightseeing Tours

Sightseeing tours are focused on visiting historical sites, the most famous landmarks and attractions. Therefore, tourists expect to see a full overview of the city’s or region’s highlights and gain an insightful knowledge of the history. In our results, we found these as the most common negative keywords:

  • Not experienced guide
  • Poor knowledge of the buildings
  • Not enough historical information
  • Tour went over time
  • Quite pricey
  • Very biased narrative
  • Not easy to find meeting point
  • Tour group was too large
  • Couldn’t understand guide
  • Guide was in a rush
  • Guide was redundant and speaking too fast
  • Unprofessional and impolite guide 
  • No interaction from tour guide
  • Too short, very few stops

How to turn the negative keyword list for sightseeing tours into positive?

In the sightseeing category, the most common keywords reflected a need for insightful and captivating tour guides, so showing them or teaching them tools like storytelling and unbiased narrative could be a powerful step towards enhancing your service. Also, to provide more engaging and effective tours it is important to organize smaller groups so the schedule is respected and there is better interaction with the guides.


Culinary Tours & Experiences

As the name says, these kinds of tours are more focused on the gastronomy of the destination, therefore only showing a specific area of their culture. Nevertheless, these are experiences that allow visitors to fully embrace and live this part of the culture, by tasting the local traditional food and drink. In Culinary Tours & Experiences, our findings showed the following as the most common negative keywords list:

  • Very overpriced
  • Not vegetarian/vegan friendly
  • Tour felt rushed and short
  • Host was disinterested
  • Too large group
  • Allergy options were terrible
  • Extremely expensive for the amount of food
  • Tour was very restrictive
  • Guide was arrogant and aggressive
  • Very basic information

How to turn the negative keyword list of culinary tours and experiences into positive?

Taking into account the different food restrictions that people may have not only shows professionalism, but is also a definite decision-making factor. So, offering different options within the local gastronomy is a must. Savoring food and really taking in the flavors requires time, so a rushed tour would certainly ruin the experience, better schedule the tour for more time. Culinary tours and experiences are focused on food and drink, nevertheless, providing insightful facts of the history or other aspects of the culture will give you an added value.

Adventure Tours & Activities

Adventure Tours & Activities holds great significance as it recognizes tour operators who present exceptional and diverse experiences for travelers. These activities encompass a wide range of adventures, from adrenaline-pumping outdoor pursuits to enriching cultural immersions. By showcasing the essence of each destination, these activities allow participants to engage with nature, history, and local traditions in a meaningful way. In this category, our findings showed the following as the most common negative keywords list:

  • Poor communication
  • Limited pick up service
  • Food was poor
  • No entertainment onboard the boat
  • No service approach
  • No refund possible nor reschedule options
  • Wasn’t safe
  • Incapable instructors
  • Overpriced activities
  • Too many people in the tour
  • Overbooked tour
  • Awful customer service
  • No background information about the places provided 
  • Not confident guide
  • Rude staff
  • Blurry photos and no refund for photo package

How to turn the negative keyword list for adventure tours and activities into positive?

The first and most important aspect for this kind of tours is safety, the visitor should feel safe at all times under the supervision of a capable and skillful guide. Investing in well trained instructors and guides can make a huge difference. On the other hand, everyone wants to remember such fun activities forever, which is why they usually opt for paying the photo package, this means working to get great pictures will get you better reviews.

Visitor Attractions

Attractions Tours hold immense significance in enhancing travel experiences by offering captivating explorations of iconic landmarks and points of interest. By immersing travelers in the rich heritage and stories behind these sites, Attractions Tours foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of the destinations visited. Our results showed these as the most common negative keywords:

  • Very pricey entrance fee
  • Poor lighting
  • Poorly maintained trail
  • No meeting point info was given
  • Extra charges for more access
  • Never received any refund
  • Can’t find anyone to assist
  • Guide’s audio didn’t work
  • Very disorganized
  • Staff were awful and incompetent
  • Had to wait in the sun for a very long time
  • Too long queues and totally overcrowded

How to turn the negative keyword list into positive?

Organization is key and so providing good communication and clear refund policies is part of that. It is how your clients will have an understandable vision of the process they will come to find once they get there. Also, offering a respectful service should be a given in order for visitors to enjoy the experience. 

Day Tours & Excursions

Day Tours & Excursions enhance travel experiences by offering short, immersive adventures that showcase the best of a destination. These tours cater to time constraints while providing valuable insights and expert guidance. Therefore, tourists expect to have a day full of insightful and historical information on the region of interest. In our results, we found these as the most common negative keywords:

  • Misleading advertisement
  • Poor customer service
  • Driver did not show up on time
  • Very few stops
  • Rude driver
  • Very expensive tour
  • Guide wasn’t informative
  • Lack of communication
  • Tour canceled but not advised
  • Guide rushed us all the time
  • Guide didn’t provide any insights
  • Lack of integrity of the tour operation and professionalism from the guide
  • Seats were too narrow
  • Refused to speak english

How to turn the negative keyword list for Day Tours & Excursions into positive?

Punctuality and transparency are two very important aspects for high quality customer service. Advertising truthfully the characteristics of your product and if it is canceled or suspended is crucial, otherwise misleading advertising will lead to bad reviews that impact your online reputation. Punctuality shows professionalism and respect towards clients.

This data has been collected with the TourReview software, which specializes in the centralization of online reviews. TourReview works with unbiased AI and BI integrated technologies to provide different kinds of analysis for tour operators, from sentiment to time and tour analysis. It also offers scheduled reports to help improve the quality of customer experience and promote a better online reputation.

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